Recommended Books

A FieldGuide to theNative Edible Plants of New Zealand

A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants. Andrew Crowe

Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants

Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants by Cave, Paddison

Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand

Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand  by Poole and Adams

Which Native Plant Can I Grow Here?

100 Best NZ Native Plants for Gardens

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High Altitude Mountain Daisies (Celmisia Semicordata), Mt Cook NP, Canterbury, New Zealand
High Altitude Mountain Daisies (Celmisia Semicordata), Mt Cook NP, Canterbury, New Zealand
McCormack, Gareth
18 in. x 24 in.
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NZ native plants for use in landscaping and gardens.

There are hundreds of New Zealand plants that are suitable for landscaping the ornamental garden. The feature the gardener finds useful is usually leaf shape and flower structure. Below is a list of plants that Bushmansfriend recommends. The particular growing requirements depend on where in the country the plants are to be grown, the tastes of the gardener and the requirements of the site or garden plan.
For help and guidance contact an experienced landscaping firm or gardener.

Ground covers or plants less than 1 metre tall
Pratia angulata
Fuschia procumbens
Coprosma rhamnioides
Cordyline pumilio
Metrosideros fulgens
Arthropodium cirratum
Elatostema rugosa
damp spots only
Blechnum capense
Blechnum discolour
Carex spp.
Phormium cookianum
Hebe diosmifolia
and varieties
Chinocloa flavescens
Libertia perigrinans
Scleranthus biflorus
Doodia media

Coastal gardens shrubs or small trees
Myoporum laetum
Pseudopanax lessonii
Parsonia bruoniana
Coprosma repens
Coprosma lucida
Hebe speciosa and varieties
Hedycarya arborea
Melicope ternata

Alseuosmia banksii or macrophylla
Grisilinea lucida
Hoheria populnea

Sheltered gardens shrubs or small trees
Pseudopanax laetus
Brachyglottis repana
Macropiper excelsa
Hebe stricta and varieties
Melicytus macrophyllus
Pseudopanax crassifolius
Lophomyrtus bullata
Melicope simplex

Coastal specimen trees
Metrosideros excelsa
Entelea arborescens
Meryta sinclarii
Pittosporum umbellatum
Planchonella costata

General trees
Ackama rosaefolia
Alectryon excelsa
Aristotelia serrata
Vitex lucens
Toronea toru
Cordyline australis
Pittosporum eugenoides
Sophora microphylla

Clematis paniculata
Tecomanthe speciosa