An Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms pdf download

Have you ever had a close look at a plant and tried to make sense of the parts you are observing? Chances are you run into difficulties finding the right words and in understanding the vocabulary that botanists use to describe the features of plants.

This illustrated glossary explains and describes the descriptive terminology of plants and their parts. It illustrates and gives examples of the vocabulary used to describe, identify and classify plants. It is botany explained for the visual learner.

This useful reference presents 1260 botanical terms, their derivation from Latin or Greek, a definition of the term and 550 illustrations to convey the meaning of the term.

The reader will gain a practical understanding of the terminology required for plant identification and description.

 If you are aware of the splendour and beauty of New Zealand plants then this book is a welcome addition to your library.

The book will be of value to anyone with a general interest in plants as the examples illustrated are amongst the common families grown throughout the world.