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Cordyline australis Ti Kouka. Cabbage tree

April 19th 2004

Cordyline australis Ti Kouka

A soft stemmed tree, 8-14 m., unbranched when young. Leaves 30-100cm long, 3-6cm wide, not narrowed at the base, flowers small and white. Fruit a small whitish berry that may have small black dots.

One of the most common native plants. It is the worlds tallest monocotyledon growing up to 10 metres high. It has a tall straight trunk or trunks and a dense round head with a sphere of long narrow leaves and it is a major characteristic feature of the N.Z. landscape.  It produces a profusion of attractive, scented flowers in spring. Abundant seeder.  It looks most natural in the ornamental garden if planted in groups. Three or more plants can be planted together in the same hole to produce this effect. It grows in all soils and situations and will grow well in swampy ground where little else of interest will grow. It is an excellent tub plant for use on patios or similar situations.
90-110 seeds per gram.

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