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Myoporum laetum Ngaio

October 2nd 2005

Myoporum laetum Ngaio

Myoporum laetum Ngaio (myo-closed,shut, poros pores, openings referring to the glands on the leaves. laetum -bright, vivid, attractive leaves)
 A shrub or small tree reaching 10 m. Leaves bright green and glaborous, 3-10 cm. with a flattened petiole up to 3cm. The leafblade has small spotted glands termed pellucid glands. White flowers,10 mm diameter, 2-6 together on peduncles (stems) up to 15mm. long. Drupe: 6-9mm., pale to dark reddish purple. In exposed coastal places plant may be low-growing or prostrate.
Kermadecs, Three Kings, North Cape to about lat.46 and Chathams, where it may have been introduced .Coastal to lowland forests. A handsome and hardy coastal shrub.

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