Plant Heritage New Zealand
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Plant Heritage New Zealand looks at the unique characteristics of New Zealands plants, what makes them so special. It delves into the origins and evolution of the plants, Maori myths, stories and proverbs associated with them, and their many uses as a natural resource. Many of the sayings (whakatauki/pepeha) use the plants as metaphors for the human condition.

Part 1 introduces us to the nature of New Zealands extraordinary plants. Here we learn about speciation, taxonomy, growing and dispersal patterns, and what exactly makes a plant a New Zealand plant? How have plants grown and adapted in New Zealands very distinctive climate?

Part 2, the main section of the book, presents a selection of trees, shrubs and flowers, their classification, names, botanical description, traditional and modern uses, cultural heritage and significance to Maori.
  • The stunning photography highlights the beauty of the plants, as well as helping with identification.
  • Plant Heritage New Zealand has over 300  photographs.
  • 110 New Zealand plants are described by height, leaf shape and size, flowering pattern, fruit type and ecological distribution.
  • There are 60 whakatauki or sayings/ metaphors pertaining to the plants, which demonstate many of the cultural qualities New Zealanders have evoked surrounding the plants. 
  • It is an ideal book for the school library to support student projects or at home as a reference.