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Recommended Books

A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand

A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants. Andrew Crowe

Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants

 Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants by Cave, Paddison

Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand

 Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand  by Poole and Adams

Which Native Plant Can I Grow Here?

100 Best NZ Native Plants for Gardens

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High Altitude Mountain Daisies (Celmisia Semicordata), Mt Cook NP, Canterbury, New Zealand
High Altitude Mountain Daisies (Celmisia Semicordata), Mt Cook NP, Canterbury, New Zealand
McCormack, Gareth
18 in. x 24 in.
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Landscaping with New Zealand grasses and tufted plants  

Carex grasses

The New Zealand grasses and similar tufted plants make ideal compliments to trees, shrubs and ground-covers that may be used in landscaping an ornamental border. They help create a natural or less contrived feel to a garden, move in the wind and require litlle maintenance.

Consider the following examples
Carex are plants of damp or wet ground, however they perform well in cultivation with a little care and attention over the drier months.
carex buchananii Carex buchananii

Carex dipsacea Carex dipsacea

Carex testacea Carex testacea

Carex 'frosted curls'.Carex comans 'frosted curls'

Carex sectaCarex secta

Cordyline pumilio dwarf cabbage tree. Good in all situations and with its beautiful flowers in spring this overlooked plant makes an ideal addition.
Cordyline pumilio. Dwarf Cabbage tree. Ti rauriki.
Libertia ixioides, L. grandiflora, L. perigrinans . These natives found within the Iris family all exhibit attractive leaf shape and colour, with white flowers and attractive fruits.
Dianella Nigra Ink berry. turutu. With its dainty blue black berries in autumn and green foliage this plant is ideal in all New Zealand gardens.
Dianella nigra Turutu, Inkberry
Cortaderia and Chionochloa.   Toe-toe with their massive plumes create that distinctly New Zealand feel to all gardens.(never to be confused with that exotic import Pampas).
How do I tell the diffrence between toetoe and Pampas??
  • Toe toe flower in spring, Pampas in autumn.
  • Toe toe's flowers fall limply, where as pampas's flower stand erect.
  • Pampas is larger and more vigorous than toetoe.

Arthropodium cirratum Renga lily. One of our most popular perennials, with its glossy green foliage and December flowering. Every home should have at least one.  

Arthropodium cirratum Renga lily
Machaerina sinclairii has strap like leaves and likes a shadey or damp spot.
Machaerina flowers
Ghania salicifolia Kauri grass seeds
Ghania salicifolia Kauri grass,

7924_ Pohutukawa_ Adams_ Diana_s - landscaping cordyline

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For more information, photos & images click on the species name

Agathis australis        Alectryon excelsa     Alseuosmia banksii Aristotelia serrata    Arthropodium cirratum Beilschmiedia tarairi Beilschmiedia tawa   Brachyglottis repanda Carmichaelia    Carpodetus serrata Coprosma Cordyline australis Cordyline banksii.    Corynocarpus laevigatus    Cyathodes fasciculata    Dacrydium cupressinum   Dacrydium kirkii         Dianella nigra          Dodonaea viscosa Dysoxylum spectabile Elaeocarpus dentatus    Elingamita johnsonii    Entelea arborescens     Fuchsia excorticta Fuchshia procumbens   Gaultheria               Geniostoma ligustrifolium Hebe                     Hedycarya arborea               Hoheria populnea      Kunzea ericoides       Laurelia novae zelandiae     Lophomyrtus      Libocedrus plumosa Leptospermum scoparium                  Knightia excelsa    Macropiper excelsum Meryta sinclairii          Melicope ternata     Melicope simplex      Melicytus ramiflorus          Metrosideros excelsa  Myoporum laetum     Myrsine australis    Nothofagus           Phormium tenax Phyllocladus trichomanoides    Prumnopitys    Pittosporum              Pisonia brunonnianum    Podocarpus dacrydioides                     Colensoa physaloides  Planchonella costata      Pseudopanax    Pseudowintera colorata    Pomaderris kumarahou Rhabdothamnus solandri             Rhopalostylis sapida    Rubus                     Schefflera digitata     Solanum aviculare      Sophora Tecomanthe speciosa   Toronia toru                  Vitex lucens        Weinmannia       



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