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Bushmansfriend as a business is named after the Rangiora (Brachyglottis repanda) shrub or small tree. It's common name is bushmansfriend due to the use made as 'toilet paper'. However this plant shows the ingenuity of the New Zealand bushmen who would use the resources around them to make do. Much like the strategy of the business to make a living based on simple natural resources.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Tony Foster. 



Plant Heritage New Zealand
(PDF download)
Plant- Heritage- Cover-12-may - harbour taxi bushmansfriend Price: NZ$9.95
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Plant Heritage
New Zealand
Tony Foster
Plant- Heritage- Cover-12-may - shrubs boat tours Price: NZ$44.95
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An Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms pdf download (download)
Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms Tony Foster - nature books Price: NZ$10.95
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Where to find Birds in Far North New Zealand
by Detlef Davies
BIRD1 - Where to find Birds in Far North New Zealand by De - nature Price: NZ$29.95
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Discover Whangaroa Harbour Tour.   90 minute Harbour tour. Experience the beautiful outer reaches of Whangaroa Harbour in an exhilarating and informative experience. Pick up from Whangaroa or Totara North wharf. The water taxi Waihi is purpose built for Whangaroa Harbour  Find out more about the boat tour

Whangaroa Harbour Water Taxi.   Walk the track to Lane Cove under your own arrangements. Save the walk back and enjoy an informative tour of Whangaroa Harbour. Ideal for backpackers and family groups.  Find out more about the Harbour Taxi

Whangaroa Houseboat Holidays.   The ultimate romantic escape, weekend getaway, family holiday or fishing expedition with mates. Houseboating is the perfect means of accessing Whangaroas natural beauty, yet still enjoying all the comforts of home. Find out more about Whangaroa Houseboat Holidays





Teachers and Students.  Free educational resources. Field trip resources, powerpoint slide shows, books for the school library, Assessment resources and links.

The New Zealand flora: The Features, New Zealand flowers and fruits: The Features and characteristics of reproduction, Pseudopanax,  Coprosma, The Rocky Shore

Educational resources from here

  native plant information


New Zealand native plant information.

Over 80 species of native plant described with photos and cultivation tips. Useful information on using native plants in the garden.

  Native plants from seed


Grow  your own native plants from seed.  

Seed germination strategies for raising the seeds of New Zealand native plants

Tips and hints on collecting & germinating native plant seeds

nz native grass for landscaping  


Landscaping with New Zealand native grasses and other tufted plants

The monocotyledons are an essential element in the New Zealand garden. Carex, Cordyline, Toetoe and Ghania all make ideal  plants to  Enhance your landscape.


New Zealand native plant pictures

Photo galleries and images of NZ native plants.    Sorted by   Foliage      Flowers        Fruits       Bark     Wood        Ferns      Ideal resource for school projects or help with identifying plants.