Nothofagus The New Zealand beech.
It can be difficult to identify the 5 main species of New Zealand beech. Presented below are the identifying features for each species.
You can also use this key to help identify the species

The Beech has entire leaves with singly toothed margin
Nothofagus fusca Red beech.
Nothofagus fusca red beech
Red Beech
red beech bark

The trunk is often buttressed with thick dark furrowed bark.The leaves are broadly ovate and coarsely and sharply toothed with 1 or 2 domatia (small holes or pits at the midrib/vein junction) on the underside. From Waikato to Fiordland

Nothofagus truncata hard beech.

Hard Beech
hard beech leaf
Hard Beech leaf

The leaves are coarsely and bluntly toothed. No domatia on under surface.
Kaitaia to Marlborough

The beech has entire leaves with a smooth or almost smooth margin
Nothofagus solandri var. solandri Black Beech
Nothofagus solandri black beech
Black Beech leaf

Black beech grows throughout New Zealand in Lowland forest to an elevation of 600 metres but usually lower. The leaves are elliptic oblong to orbicular

Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides Mountain Beech
Commonly in dryer forest at higher altitudes. The leaves are triangular to elliptic -ovate possibly assymetrical.
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The beech has leaves with a  doubly toothed margin
Nothofagus menzeseii Silver Beech
Trunk often buttressed. The leaves are broadly ovate with domatia on under surface.
Te Aroha to Bluff.

Nothofagus menzeseii silver beech
Silver Beech

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