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Leucopogon fasciculatus Mingimingi

October 2nd 2005

Cyathodes fasciculata Syn. Leucopogon fasciculatus  Mingimingi

Leaves 1-2.5 cm linear-oblong and arranged in bundles or whorls. A Juvenile form to 40cm tall may diplay leaves 4cm with larger leaves. Shrub reaching 5m. Often in dry spots North Cape to Canterbury. This common plant of scrublands and beech forests can be mistaken for manuka or kanuka. It has a distinctive juvenile form which adds to the difficulty in identification. The younger leaves are larger than the adults. As a tree it can grow to 5m. and produces small green flowers on pendulous spikes in spring. The red or pink berries are about .8 mm. long and occur in strings in autumn. Wash the seeds from the berries. 1 seed per berry. Sow straight away. It may take 3 or 4 months before germination. .
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