Recommended Books

A Field
             Guide to the
             Native Edible Plants of New Zealand

A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants. Andrew Crowe

Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants

 Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants

Cave, Paddison

Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand

 Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand

Poole and Adams

A Photographic Guide to Birds of New Zealand (A Photographic Guide To...)

A Photographic Guide to Birds of New Zealand   

From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the NZ Forest

From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the NZ Forest. Highly recommended

 Which Native Plant Can I Grow Here?

 Which Native Plant Can I Grow Here?

Andrew Crowe

100 Best NZ Native Plants for Gardens

 100 Best NZ Native Plants for Gardens

Fiona Eadie



Bushmanfriend's Educational resources

I made these Slide shows while  teaching Biology and Horticulture at Taipa Area School, Mangonui, Northland. Download the files to your computer and open with Acrobat reader, or internet explorer. I would use the digital display/projector to show them to the class. I placed them on the school's intranet so students would have access to them in their own time. I would encourage the students to cut and paste the photos to illustrate their projects.

Useful as a resource for 'Making sense of the living world' strand. Observing the adaptive features of New Zealand Plants, from about level 3 or 4 (year 6 or 7) and up to about form 6 Biology or Horticulture.


The New Zealand flora: The Features

What makes New Zealand native plants special? This slide show gives examples of unique and remarkable native plants that go to make the most interesting flora of any land.

Download from here 8MB 

New Zealand flowers and fruits: The features and characteristics of reproduction.

Many New Zealand species have male plants and female plants. This is termed dioecious. This slide show gives examples of New Zealand flowers, fruits, and their parts.

Download from here 10MB

Plants of the Northland coast

Many plants that grow near the coast have special adaptations to aid them in this tough environment.

Download from here 4.3MB


All about this New Zealand genus. Commonly called five finger.

Download from here 2.8MB


Everything you wanted to know about Coprosma but were afraid to ask!! The genera Coprosma exhibit many of the characteristics of the New Zealand flora. Divarication, dioecious, limited distributions, adult and juvenile forms, seed dispersal by birds, adaptations to bird browsing and other browsers.

Download from here 3.2MB

The Rocky Shore

Year 12 Biology level 2  Assessment standard exemplar

Download from here 3 MB


Absolutely nothing to do with plants. The science of waves. Years 7-11.

Download from here 1.7MB

The Bush: Field trip resources

Are you planning an environmental education or education outside the classroom experience for students?

 Download the word document with student worksheets  Level 3 & 4 Science in the New Zealand curriculum - suitable for year 7 & 8 students


Assessment Resources for teachers




Check out these links for resources to help prepare units of work on New Zealand native plants, te ngahere, the bush, the living world strand of the national curriculum & environmental education.


Birds: Structure, Function, and Adaptation

Assessment: Changes to living things This Assessment Resource Bank material relates to level 3 of theNew Zealand science curriculum living world strand objective 3 and the integrating strand of processing and interpreting. Students explain three ways native birds could be affected if a stand of native bush found on farmland was removed.

Pests This Assessment Resource Bank material relates to level 3 of the science curriculum living world strand, objective 3. This resource assesses students' ability to understand an article on animal pests and their effect on native birds. Students read the newspaper article and then answer questions about this

Flowering in Native Plants This Assessment Resource Bank material relates to level 4 of the New Zealand science curriculum living world strand, objective 3 and the integrating strand of processing and interpreting. Students are required to answer three questions by interpreting data about the flowering patterns of four different native plants.

Tree Trunk Size This Assessment Resource Bank material relates to level 4 of the science curriculum living world strand, objective 3 and the integrating strand of processing information. This resource has two questions which require students to interpret information from graphs.

Exemplar of Students work

This science exemplar shows the results of students types of investigation of trees; pattern making (to establish a key) and identifying (using the key for identification purposes). It is a sample of authentic student work annotated to illustrate learning, achievement, and quality in relation to level 3 of Science in the New Zealand Curriculum.

What do Kiwis eat This Assessment Resource Bank material relates to level 3 of the science curriculum living world strand, objective 4. Involves a task of interpreting a graph about the eating habits of kiwis. Includes scoring guidelines for the teacher to assess student responses.

Book Resources for teachers and school librarys

Environmental education, Making sense of the living world

Can be ordered directly through FISHPOND by following the link

The Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Native Trees JT Salmons classic with photos and descriptions of all New Zealands trees and shrubs

Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand  Poole & Adams. A useful field guide with line drawings and descriptions of over 700 species.

Gardener's Encyclopedia of NZ Native Plants photos and descriptions of many native plants useful in an ornamental situation

A Photographic Guide to Ferns of New Zealand The name says it all

New Zealand Trees and Shrubs: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivation and Identification Lawrie Metcalfe has written a book if you wish to grow your own.

From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the NZ Forest very useful field guide

Which Native Forest Plant? (Which S.) Andrew Crowes series are presented as keys and are useful for the novice in identifying common native plants

New Zealand Ferns and Allied Plants A Biological perspective of New Zealand simple plants

Life-size Guide to New Zealand Native Ferns: Featuring the Caterpillars Which Feed on Them  Andrew Crowe. Good pictures

Spiders of New Zealand and Their Worldwide Kin  The last and best word on New Zealand spiders

The Penguin Natural World of New Zealand coffee table book useful for projects

The Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest very useful field guide

New Zealand: Land of Birds Beautiful photos celebrating New Zealand birds

Kauri Gum and the Gumdiggers (Pictures from the Past) Historical context.

Internet Resources/Links

Northland links

Kauri Museum Matakohe It is a Must See Attraction with approximately 95,000 who visit the internationally acclaimed museum every year.

Waipoua Fores  Northland's pristine Kauri Forest

Trounson Kauri Park

Puketi Forest for kids  Take an educational journey through Puketi forest

General New Zealand Links   Native plants & environmenntal education.   

New Zealand birds and birding  photos, information and links to New Zealand 's native birds

GRAHAM MEADOWS PHOTO LIBRARY  contains stock photography specialising in animals, New Zealand plants and natural history.

Department of Conservation    NZ Government Department.

NZ Fungi: Landcare Research    Everything you need to know about these simple plants

Kiwi Conservation Club    KCC is a Forest & Bird project for children.

Project Crimson   Everything you need to know about Pohutukawa

Plant pictures of NZ and exotic plants    Quality images of NZ garden plants by Paul Ashford

NZ Orchids    the Fascinating World of New Zealand's Native Orchids Photos and information

The World Biome Project.   Canadian Site which compares ecological data and plant communities from around the world

New Zealand Ecological Society Links  The New Zealand Ecological Society promotes the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge in all its aspects. 

Royal Society of New Zealand - Homepage    Academic information on NZ Science

 Natural Sciences Image Library of New Zealand   The name says it all

Focus on NZ - Plants   More Photos of NZ Plants

Images of New Zealand Native Trees   More photos of NZ Plants

The Hidden Forest    Have you ever been out in the forest (bush) or maybe even in your own backyard, and come across some strange fungus, lichen or maybe even a slime mould, and wondered "what's that?" Great Site on simple NZ plants

Forest & Bird   NZ Forest and Habitat Protection Society

Ecology education about native NZ tui -

NZ Plant conservation network   excellent site with photos and information on rare or threatened NZ plants

Landcare research   Great site with information on NZ Plants.

Rongoa maori This site at The Pharmacy School in Otago gives links to sites with information on NZ plants and how Maori used them as medicines

The school of biological sciences, The University of Auckland   Descriptions and photos of the plants found in New Zealand, Information on plants used by Maori for food, medicines and fibres, along with animations and other learning aids

As well there are many images of New Zealand plants, sorted by structure that can be found from this link Photos & images of New Zealand plants

All images copyright to Tony Foster. New Zealand educational instituions, their teachers and students are welcome to use these images. Please acknowledge the photographer.

© 2006 Bushman's Friend          New Zealand Nature Walks and New Zealand Trees and Plants



How many leaves can you name ?

Answers: Griselinia, Taraire, Rewarewa, Kahikatea, Pseudopanax, Titoki, Wharangi,Coprosma lucida, Kawakawa,Libocedrus, Coprosma rhamnoides, Silver fern, Pukatea, Coprosma stricta

Mouse over for maori and common name

Agathis australis          Alectryon excelsa     Alseuosmia banksii Aristotelia serrata    Arthropodium cirrhatum    Beilschmiedia tarairi     Beilschmiedia tawa   Brachyglottis repanda Carmichaelia    Carpodetus serrata Coprosma    Cordyline australis Cordyline banksii.    Corynocarpus laevigatus    Cyathodesfasiculata    Dacrydium cupressinum  Dacrydium kirkii         Dianella nigra          Dodonea viscosa Dysoxylum spectible     Elaeocarpus dentaus    Elingamita jonsonii     Entelea arborescens      Fuchsia excorticta   Fuchshia procumbens  Gaultheria               Geniostoma ligustrifolium Hebe                    Hedycary aarborea               Hoheria populnea      Kunzea ericoides       Laurelia novae zelandiae     Lophomyrtus      Libocedrus plumosa      Leptospermum scoparium                Knightia excelsa    Macropiper excelsum     Meryta sinclarii          Melicope ternata     Melicope simplex      Melicytus ramiflorus          Metrosideros excelsa  Myoporum laetum     Myrsine australis    Nothofagus           Phormium tenax   Phyllocladus trichomanoides    Prumnopitys    Pittosporum              Pisonia brunonnianum    Podocarpus dacrydioides                 Pratia physaloides       Planchonella costata      Pseudopanax    Pseudowintera colorata    Pomaderris kumarahou      Rhabdothamus solandri             Rhopalostylis sapida    Rubus                     Schifflera digitata     Solanum aviculare      Sophora     Tecomanthe speciosa      Toronia toru                  Vitex lucens        Weinmannia   


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