Nature Photography by Tony Foster  

Pictures of New Zealand Native Plants 

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Life-size Guide to New Zealand Native Ferns: Featuring the Caterpillars Which Feed on Them A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants Plant Heritage New Zealand: Te Whakapapa o nga Rakau : Interpreting the Special Features of Native Plants The Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Native Trees




Leaves and foliage

Photo and images emphasising shape, venation, branching, simple and compound leaves. Ideal to help with identifying New Zealand plants

Powerpoint pdf. slideshows. Free learning resources for teachers and students

Flowers and fruits; Coprosma, Pseudopanax, Plants of the coast, and The features of New Zealand plants.

Phormium                  cookianum

New Zealand native plant flowers.  

Who says New Zealand Plants don't have beautiful flowers? Photos and images emphasisng inflorescence and flowers of New Zealand native plants.


Native timber and wood

New Zealand native woods. kauri, rimu, totara, mangrove, tawa, and many more. These photos were taken at The Gumstore Bar and Grill in Totara North, Whangaroa. This was the trading post for bushmen and kauri gum diggers in the 1890's.

Fruits and berries and other structures that contain seed.

Drupes, berries, cones, capsules all contain seed and are termed fruits.


Native tree and shrub bark

Useful photos for identifying New Zealand trees and shrubs. Also includes a photo of the leaf.

NZ native ferns

Tree ferns, ponga, ground ferns and epiphytic ferns create a rich tapestry that adorns New Zealand forests


NZ Birds

Birds of the bush and coast

Alll images copyright to Tony Foster. New Zealand educational institutes and their students are welcome to use the images for educational purposes. Please acknowledge the photographer (Tony Foster) or To use  these photos or images for commerce  contact  

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Photos and images of New Zealand Native plants