New Zealand Plant Pictures by Tony Foster: Flowers

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NZ Native Plant pictures: Flowers

Acaena microphylla

Ackama rosaefolia makamaka

Alectryon excelsa titoki

Alseuosmia flower







Aristotelia serrata Wineberry Makomako

Aristotellia serrata Wineberry

Arthropodium cirratum

Arthropodium cirratum Renga lily

Astelia banksii

Avicennia marina mangrove

Beilschmiedia tarairi taraire

Brachyglottis repanda rangiora

Calystegia marginata

Carex secta

Carmichaelia aligera Leafless broom

Carmichaelia australis

Carmichaelia australis

Carmichaelia williamsii

Clematis bee

Clematis cunninghamii

Clianthus puniceus kaka beak

Colensoa physaloides

Coprosma arboreus female

Coprosma arboreus male

Coprosma grandifolia

Coprosma grandifolia

Coprosma grandifolia female

Coprosma grandifolia male

Coprosma lucida female

Coprosma lucida male

Coprosma propinqua

Coprosma repens female

Coprosma repens male

Coprosma rhamnoides female

Cordyline australis

Cordyline australis

Cordyline australis cabbage tree

Cordyline banksii

Cordyline banksii

Cordyline banksii flowers whangaroa

Cordyline indivisa

Cordyline pumilio

Corokia cotoneaster

Corokia flower

Corynocarpus laevigatus

Corynocarpus laevigatus karaka

Corynocarpus laevigatus karaka

Cyathodes fasciculata Mingimingi

Dianella nigra turutu inkberry

Drosera peltata subsp.auriculata

Dysoxylum spectabile

Dysoxylum spectabile Kohekohe

Dysoxylum spectabile kohekohe

Earina mucronata
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