Links to New Zealand flora sites

New Zealand birds and birding Top site for photos, information, links to new Zealand's native birds
Kerikeri plant production Kerikeri Plant Production offers wholesale GOLs to other nurseries, landscapers and revegetation work.  We also serve customers who require smaller numbers of plants for domestic plantings.  Highly recommended. Competitive prices.
GRAHAM MEADOWS PHOTO LIBRARY  contains stock photography specialising in animals, New Zealand plants and natural history.
Hebe Society - Plants     A UK site celebrating this NZ genera
Department of Conservation    NZ Government Department.
NZ fungi:Landcare Research    Everything you need to know about these simple plants
Project Crimson   Everything you need to know about Pohutukawa
Plant pictures of NZ and exotic plants    Quality images of NZ garden plants by Paul Ashford
NZ Orchids    Great Photos and information
Waipoua Forest   Northland's pristine Kauri Forest
The World Biome Project.   Canadian Site which compares ecological data and plant communities from around the world
New Zealand ecological Society Links  The New Zealand Ecological Society promotes the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge in all its aspects. 
Royal Society of New Zealand - Homepage    Academic information on NZ Science

Focus on NZ - Plants   More Photos of NZ Plants
Images of New Zealand Native Trees   More photos of NZ Plants
The Hidden Forest   Great Site on simple NZ plants
Forest & Bird   NZ Forest and Habitat  Protection Society
Eplants. New Zealands Plant Portal.    Links to Gardening Pages
NZ Plant conservation network   Excellent site with photos and information on rare or threatened NZ plants
Landcare research   Great site with information on NZ Plants. Good for correct nomenclature
Rongoa maori This site at The Pharmacy School in Otago gives links to sites with information on NZ plants and how Maori used them asmedicines
The school of biological sciences, The University of Auckland   Descriptions and photos of the plants found in New Zealand, Information on plants used by Maori for food, medicines and fibres,along with animations and otherlearning aids
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If you wish to know moreabout New Zealand's native plants and experience Tony’s expertise and passion for New Zealandnatural history......

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I recommend the following books on New Zealand native plants
100 Best NZ Native Plants for Gardens
The Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Native Trees
Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand
Gardener's Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants
A Photographic Guide to Ferns of New Zealand
ew Zealand Trees and Shrubs: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivation and Identification
From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the NZ Forest
Which Native Forest Plant? (Which S.)


Agathis australis          Alectryonexcelsa      Alseuosmia banksii Aristotelia serrata    Arthropodium cirratum Beilschmiedia tarairi Beilschmiedia tawa   Brachyglottis repanda Carmichaelia    Carpodetus serrata Coprosma Cordyline australis Cordyline banksii.    Corynocarpus laevigatus    Cyathodes fasciculata    Dacrydium cupressinum  Dacrydium kirkii         Dianella nigra          Dodonaea viscosa Dysoxylum spectabile Elaeocarpus dentatus    Elingamita johnsonii     Entelea arborescens    Fuchsia excorticta   Fuchshia procumbens  Gaultheria               Geniostoma ligustrifolium Hebe                    Hedycarya arborea               Hoheria populnea      Kunzea ericoides       Laurelia novae zelandiae     Lophomyrtus      Libocedrus plumosa Leptospermum scoparium                  Knightia excelsa    Macropiper excelsum Meryta sinclarii          Melicope ternata     Melicope simplex      Melicytus ramiflorus          Metrosideros excelsa  Myoporum laetum     Myrsine australis    Nothofagus           Phormium tenax Phyllocladus trichomanoides    Prumnopitys    Pittosporum              Pisonia brunonnianum    Podocarpus dacrydioides                 Pratia physaloides  Planchonella costata      Pseudopanax    Pseudowintera colorata    Pomaderris kumaraho  Rhabdothamnus solandri             Rhopalostylis sapida    Rubus                     Schifflera digitata     Solanum aviculare    Sophora Tecomanthe speciosa  Toronia toru                  Vitex lucens        Weinmannia          



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